Welcome Brilliant Woman!

As Women Evolving we are being called into the next stage of evolution for own fulfillment and to be of greatest service in the world through our unique and special ways. 

Our superpowers lie in the beauty of our heart, the brilliance of our mind and the depth of our soul. 

Women Evolving is a pathway of self-actualization and creative contribution to the greater good. In this video I reveal the WISE Model of Personal Transformation and Collective Upliftment, which is a visual roadmap on the journey of soul fulfillment and being of highest service in the world. 

Enjoy the site and see if you are called to join us for our upcoming circle journey. 

See you on  the inside! 

"Back story: It's so frustrating to feel stuck- you know, that sense that there’s more out there but you’re not quite sure how to get to it? Well… I was in the stuck place for what felt like forever. But along came this light, joyous soul named Laura McMullin and just like magic she invited me into her Women Evolving Circle and I’m forever changed! Laura has a deep vision and that vision is unfolding as we speak! I have no doubt that I’ll be seeing her reach far and wide because what she has to give to the world is truly what we need. We need hope, love, connection and a reminder that the world is filled with abundance and goodness (despite what the media wants us to believe)! My spiritual evolution has catapulted since I joined this circle and instead of feeling stuck, I feel free! Thank you Laura! No doubt you’re changing lives! You certainly did mine." 💗 

                                                                                                                       ~ Women Evolving Circle Participant Fall 2021 Cohort

Join us in circle  with other gifted women on the path of self-actualization and higher service in the world.


WE (Women Evolving) are the holistic scholars, intuitive scientists, conscious teachers, visionary change-makers, soulful leaders, innovative artists, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, spiritual mentors, gifted coaches and expansive creatives that are on the leading-edge of human evolution on an individual and collective level.

WE (Women Evolving) are architects of the possible. We are here to rise up as evolutionary leaders, teachers, and healers ushering in a new era in our human history.

Our nourishing women’s circle will activate your soulful genius, inspire your heart’s vision and support you in moving to the next level of your precious and unique journey. 


"I want to fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself as a human being"  ~Oprah Winfrey

The inner calling you may be feeling at this time is the IMPLUSE TO EVOLVE to the next stage of your unique journey.. and that’s what our Virtual Woman’s Circle is here to support you with.

For all of us, the journey up to this point has been so profoundly enriching, joyful and extremely challenging at times… there’s been so many ways that our Beautiful and Brilliant Selves have been invalidated (and even crushed) by others…


Becoming our greatest possibility


As human beings, it is inevitable that we experience pain throughout the life journey. When approached from a broader perspective, we can eventually transmute the pain into personal power and inner strength that can fuel our purpose and passion as part of the healing journey of becoming more of who we are meant to be. With appropriate support and soul nourishment, we can emerge stronger, wiser and more connected to who we are and why we are here regardless of what we may have gone through in life. It's possible for our deepest pain to become our greatest wisdom.

For us women, we have likely experienced a range of wounding throughout the journey given that we have had to navigate life within patriarchal and systemically unjust societies where there is so much oppressive conditioning that we had to silence ourselves and tuck away our sacred gifts out of fear of criticism, judgement, ridicule and even violence. We had to keep quiet and stay invisible in order to stay safe and survive.


Expand in your Zone of Genius 


Well dear sister, while the road has indeed been tough… the good news is that we are well primed and positioned to step into our greatest possibility as the teachers, leaders and healers we were always meant to be.

The time has come for each one of us to step up, step out and be BOLD in our unique expression in the world… we are being called to step more fully into our Zone of Genius for our own fulfillment and to contribute to the greater good in our own special ways through our unique gifts and talents.


Uplevel your life, your joy and your influence

In the transition to the next level of our personal and professional lives, we can sometimes feel alone and isolated in the good work we’re called to do. We can doubt ourselves and our ideas. We can get discouraged and feel overwhelmed. We can even put our dreams and callings on hold until we feel "ready" to live them. All of this can stall our progress and forward movement towards living our passions and fulfilling our purpose for being here.

For those of us who are mothers, the struggle is magnified. We are constantly being pulled in many directions and can feel so guilty for having personal and professional passions that we want to tend to in addition to being an awesome mom.


Our children benefit from us cultivating our greatness and from us being deeply fulfilled in our heartfelt callings  

As mothers, we try so hard to find balance between our dedication to our family and our dedication to our passions and inner callings. We often sacrifice our own wellbeing so we can do everything for everyone. If that’s not enough, we can be so hard on ourselves for being imperfect in our attempts to meet the idealized version we have of ourselves as dedicated mothers who are also called to be leaders in the world.

This is why gathering with other women on the path of personal growth and professional fulfillment is essential. 

We hold each other up. 


The nourishment we share in circle activates a profound field of connection that inspires us, sustains us, encourages us and supports us as we strive to reach greater heights and deeper truths in who we are called to be and how we are called to contribute in the world. 

The time has come for us women who feel an inner calling to be more and do more in the world to step forward and BE who we came to be and DO what we came here to do.


If you’re anything like me, then you may be feeling a deep inner calling to do your special part in the world by sharing what is in your heart to share and doing what is in your heart to do at this time…

You may be feeling the call to step more fully into your WHOLE and INTEGRATED self and BE the leader that you have always been and are ready to embody more fully in the work you’re called to do.

We are unfolding into a greater version of ourselves

Dear sister, you and I are here to make a difference and we have been making a difference in all the spaces we move through for decades… and yet, it feels like THERE IS DEFINITELY MORE for us to do and more for us to become as our greatest yet to be…

You are an awesome person on this planet at this time in human history and you are uniquely positioned to contribute to the next stage of human evolution in your own special ways.

We, Women Evolving, are ever unfolding into the next and greater version of ourselves… our superpowers lie in the beauty of our heart, the brilliance of our mind and the depth of our soul. We have deep intuitive and embodied wisdom and can rely on our inner guidance as become the highest version of ourselves while contributing to the lives of others.

YOU are encoded with greatness. 

Are you ready to SOAR in YOUR Excellence?

★ WE (Women Evolving) are encoded with greatness.

★ WE (Women Evolving) have unique gifts, talents and capacities that are totally AWESOME!

★ WE (Women Evolving) have big hearts and brilliant minds filled with purpose and potential.

★ WE (Women Evolving) are here to stand in our own brilliance as we become the leaders, teachers and healers we are destined to be (and that the world needs!)

★ WE (Women Evolving) are here to rise up for ourselves, for our children, for each other, for our men, for our planet and for our future generations.

★ WE (Women Evolving) are being called to rise from the fog of playing small and embrace the truth of our unique genius as we answer the call from within.

★ WE (Women Evolving) are meant to support one another as we soar together in our own unique flavor of awesome.


"Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive" ~ Dr. Howard Thurman

So sister, if any of this resonates with you, then I invite you to join our intimate circle of women all on the path of self-actualization and creative contribution in the world.

In our 6 week Women Evolving Virtual Circle, we will get clear on what is calling you at this time, what obstacles may be getting in your way (while dissolving them) and what your next steps are so you can: 

  •  Align with your soul mission
  •  Activate and amplify your creative power
  • Cultivate your many gifts and capacities 
  • Develop a clear roadmap and strategic plan for your journey ahead as you step more fully into your unique role as an Evolving Woman BEING who you came to be and DOING what  came here to do at this time in human history. 
Join us for our upcoming Women Evolving Circle! 
Starting Feb 22, 2022.

Everything for our journey together is housed on this learning platform (Sutra) so when you register you'll be promoted to create an account and then you can complete your registration. 


Register Now

Our world needs YOU Smart + Soulful Woman 

It's time to step into YOUR greatness and SHINE in YOUR brilliance

I like keeping our circle small and intimate so every woman can get lots of personalized coaching and support throughout our journey together. This is why we only have space for 12 fabulous women who feel the inner calling and are ready to go to the next level in their journey of personal fulfillment and creative contribution through their unique gifts and talents.


Join us for the February 2022 Cohort!

Weekly Circle Gatherings (90 min)
Tuesdays at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 EST 

Feb 22                    Mar 8                  Mar 22

Mar 1                      Mar 15                Mar 29 

Yearly Access to Monthly Women Evolving Gatherings

When you go through the 6-week Women Evolving Circle experience, you also get access to our monthly gatherings for ongoing support and inspiration for an ENTIRE YEAR. 

How cool is that!? 

# #

See what other women are saying... 

The Women Evolving Circle with Laura McMullin feels like a defining moment in my life. I know that many, many years from now, I will look back on the magic that happened when ten women came together in a circle for the first time to explore our unique callings and open our hearts for ourselves, each other, and what we can create in the world. Before doing the innerwork through Laura’s WISE coaching model and circle connection, I was going through a midlife crisis questioning my career, work-life balance, and actions that were in conflict with my core values. I wanted to live my life more integrated. I wanted to be in full alignment with my values, bring all my identities into the stage, and feel free to listen to my innervoice. Laura was/is the matchmaker between me and my intuition. My life perspective has changed. I feel immense gratitude to have been part of the Women Evolving Circle in the company of amazing women and to start defining my own success, designing my own work, and indulge in this one, free, and wild journey called life. So very lucky to be part of this learning community forever! Thank you!

Mela Toro Waters

Connecticut, USA 

Magdalena Garcia


"The experience was so special and incredible for me." 

"I got to really look at my own life and think about what's next for me, what's my heart's desire, 
what dream is in my heart."

"Doing this six week circle has really helped me to go deeper with some of my goals and my dreams...
I also received new insights and healing..."

"I am clearer on the direction that I'm going. I cannot recommend this enough. This group is truly amazing."




"Thank you, thank you, thank you... from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul. The convening of souls you called together has been a gift-- a healing balm that has helped me continue this journey of growth and healing. You are such a gift, Laura. Thank you for following your calling to bring truth and light forward in the world. So much love to you!"


British Columbia, Canada


Oh my goodness, where to start, where to begin, and how? This experience being a part of the Women Evolving Circle was, and is transformative. Having a space that is lead by heart, with Laura’s heart at the center felt safe, warm, nurturing, and inviting. Laura created a space that felt comfortable to be vulnerable, with myself, and with the women in the circle. Through the weekly inner work journal prompts, exercises, and weekly circles I was able to work through, and heal a trauma I was holding in my body, and spirit. This is life changing for me, and I am forever grateful! I definitely recommend Laura’s Women Evolving Circle to anyone who is looking for a space to be held, nurtured, welcomed, appreciated, and looking to grow, evolve, and get deeper with themselves, their purpose, and form a rich community of women within. Thank you Laura, you’re rocking it! 

@simply.naturally.heather on Instagram  

 I was unsure about joining the Women Evolving Circle program at first, but I am sure glad I did. It is hard to imagine what an experience of learning and growing within a circle of insightful and supportive women leaders will be like until you are in the midst of it…. and it has been transformative for me. I learnt to be more aware of thoughts and behaviours that were holding me back… this was not new to me. What was new was the solidarity and resonance I felt from the group, which augmented my courage and conviction to push past old barriers and reach for more positive and productive ways of thinking and acting. And Laura gave us plenty of strategies to do just that! Within our circle of wise and capable women at different stages of professional and personal growth, I saw how the hesitations, worries, doubts and fears I had and hid were part of a common humanity… and how we can draw from each other’s reflections and growth to grow a bit more ourselves. If you feel drawn to this program and have the time and means to do it- say yes. We often think we have to do this inner work by ourselves- I have found through this program that it really is just easier, and more fun, to do the work alongside others walking in the same direction.  


British Columbia, Canada

The last 6 weeks of our women's circle have really been instrumental for me - I'm feeling confident about being able to enter the conversation as my whole and authentic self - something I almost never thought would be possible in academia. (even as I write this I have tears of gratitude in my eyes - thank you). I love love love the work you're doing, and what it has ignited in me.


Los Angeles, CA



About Me 

My name is Laura (pronounced "Loud-ah") and I am passionate about grounded spirituality, human potential and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level. 

When I was 7 years old, I had an epiphany that changed the course of my life. I was walking alone in the courtyard of my building while living in Mexico City, and like a bolt of lightening, I was struck by the first message I ever received from Spirit. It stopped me in my tracks. It was loud and clear: You are here for a reason. Your life has purpose. You are here to make a difference. You are here to help with a shift in humanity. As soon as I received it, I immediately remembered. Right! I'm here for a reason! I'm supposed to do something to help. It was a defining moment.

And while at the young age of 7, I didn't know exactly what I was supposed to do, I knew that it had something to do with contributing positively to the world. Since childhood, my journey has been driven by a profound commitment to fulfill my purpose for being here while contributing to the greater good. My calling to making a difference led me into the field of education. 

For over 20 years, I dedicated my professional life to transformative education working towards social justice. I worked in a variety of roles including: being a dual language K-12 public school teacher in both Los Angeles and New York City; a university researcher; professional development facilitator; teacher educator and curriculum developer. I have a B.A in Sociology from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Social Justice Education from UCLA and a PhD in Education from NYU where I focused on Mindfulness and Social Emotional Wellbeing for Teachers. Through my sustained contemplation, meditation, research and experience, I developed The WISE model for personal evolution and contribution to the greater good.  WISE stands for Whole Integrated Self Evolving. 

For many years, I lived in two worlds: the external world of academia where objectivity and evidence are required and my internal world where I could come home to my subjective experience of the spiritual, mystical and magical nature of life in connection with my soulful essence and personal connection with divine intelligence. Out of necessity, I kept these two worlds very separate, which caused profound discord and persistent existential angst. I lived in a perpetual state of incongruence with a fragmented sense of self feeling like my inner and outer worlds had to be separated.

Fortunately, over time, I was able to heal the inner divide and I am now fully integrated in all my humanity, spirituality and professional identity. I continue to do meaningful work at the university while also doing what I love in my private coaching practice. To learn more about my Soul Path Coaching practice, go here

I am a proud momma of two awesome kids (ages 4 and 8) and wifey to an amazing, wise, beautiful and brilliant man who also happens to be the world's greatest superhero dad for our children. I am truly blessed and honored to be alive and to be following my calling in service of individual and collective upliftment. One of my favorite things to do is hiking with my sweet family and enjoying the beauty of nature together. 

If you have any questions, please email me at: womenevolving.us@gmail.com 

We can also connect on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin @Laura.mcmullin 

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